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The House Of Boehringer Mannheim (thbm) | All | Bid/Buy $.00 |
What's your community's purpose or mission?The purpose of the Existing Group or Organization of THE HOUSE OF BOEHRINGER MANNHEIM (THBM) is as a place for people who have worked in Boehringer Manheim with the Mission of Empowering each member to achieve hope, strength and influence in sharing and realizing happiness and joy in life born inwardWhat are the shared beliefs and core values?Believing that by joining in one forum will bring this organization and all its members to achieve prosperity and independence in life, because they believe that the soul and noble values of Boehringer Mannheim will always live in the bosom of each memberWhy should people join your community?Because they have the same perception about Existing Groups or THBM Organizations can realize their dreams of prosperity