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What's your community's purpose or mission?The prime objective of this country is to generate citizens; well versed of the ideology; the vision and the basic concept of empowr and its goal for year 2025. The citizens will be given hands on training enabling them to learn new innovative tools; constantly introduced by empowr. The country will generate huge volume of sales, and share their skills among each other to uplift the living standards of the whole nation. The country will emerge as enabling hands to support the true cause of empowr. There will be transparency to ensure honesty in all functions of the country. Think Tanks will be put on work to define the path for the country. A robust and functional cabinet of think tanks will be brought forward. The foundation of the country will be based on democratic fabric. Everyone will be wholeheartedly welcomed to join this country.What are the shared beliefs and core values?Together We Grow, People Are Power, Right Mix For The Right Purpose, Our Path Is empowr's Ideology, Training Is Backbone Of Our Nation, We Come With Change, Nursery For Think Tanks.Why should people join your community?1- If you have the urge to work as one team, you should join this country. 2- If you believe in positive change in you and your family’s life, You should join. 3- If you have skills and no platform to express them, join us. 4- if you believe in your skills and talent join us. 5- We offer the change that will matter. 6- If you want cash out at your doorstep, join us.