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What's your country's purpose or mission?To build trust and enable to give equality shares to the quality contribution of products and services and to be the best in the eyes of the customers, employees, and citizens as a whole.What are the shared beliefs and core values?We realize this mission by setting the quality standard and equality in service, reliability, safety, and security. We do our share to be one of the best towards the goal of success for themselves and others and for the Empowr community as a whole.Why should people join your country?Why should people join your country? Having a country to hold on has a lot of positive effects. It gives potential growth for themselves and others. We are a democratic country that will listen and be willing to cooperate. The majority will be the voice. It will turn possible by having you on our side. It is YOU – AND - I the Citizens – the Northern Stars. A place where YouAndI belong. Thanks for becoming Northern Stars. Lets us do this.