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Royal Democracy Of El Dorado (Love – Truth – Wisdom)

Royal Democracy Of El Dorado (Love – Truth – Wisdom) is helping Humane Society
Royal Democracy Of El Dorado (Love – Truth – Wisdom) | All | Bid/Buy $.00 |
What's your country's purpose or mission?The creation of a truly democratic country, which will strive to maximize the monthly AMCO’s for all of its citizens. The country will contain the democratic government of El Dorado, with two political parties the Glaciers (conservatives) and the Avalanches (Liberals). We intend establishing the government, during democratic elections. The country will also contain the Kingdom of El Dorado, which will have no political power in the country. The Royal ranks of Baron/Baroness, Vicount/Vicountess, Earl/Countess, Marquess/Marqueness, Duke/Duchess, Prince/Princess, King/Queen are available to everybody, who is a citizen. We hope to get the President of Empowr to make our first King and Queen of El Dorado in a special ceremony. The country will also contain the knights of El Dorado, in order to recognise those who excel at self-defence or academic or humanitarian pursuits by giving them a Knighthood. The country will also have a universal Christ based church “The Church of Saint Titus/Photini”, to cater for spiritual needs. Saint Titus/Photini is already in existence and already has a number of members. As a citizen of El Dorado, you may join the church or become a clergy member. The eventual aim is to establish the University of El Dorado which will provide free education online for everybody, from grade one or R and up to post-doctoral degrees. The first offering from the University is planned to be on how to get the most from the empowr platform.What are the shared beliefs and core values?The core belief or foundation of the Royal Democracy of El Dorado is “Love – Truth – Wisdom” The citizens of the Royal Democracy of El Dorado will share in their belief in Democracy. The citizens will share in the belief that you can have both democracy and a monarchy or Royal structure as long as the Royal structures are never granted any political power, and the political power has no influence over the Royals or the Church and vice/versa. The citizens will share the belief that if you have excelled at Karate or another self-defence discipline like medieval fighting with long swords and full steel armour, or you have made academic, or other breakthroughs or ripples in society; then you should be rewarded by being made a Knight or Lord of the “Knights of El Dorado”. When we speak of such decorated people we could refer to them as Lord and Lady or Lord and Gent(Gentleman). The citizens will believe in a Christ based spiritual practice which embodies everybody who is spiritual and does so through Christ or Jesus Christ. This includes the Protestants / Catholics Orthodox, or anybody or group who bases their spiritual practice on Jesus Christ. The Citizens of Eldorado will accept everybody as being equal, with no exceptions. Both men and woman, gay and lesbian. They will accept all races equally, all casts equally, all backgrounds and social standings will be equal. All belief systems will be accepted equally, as long as those belief systems are Christ based.Why should people join your country?Firstly, we are going to do all that we can as a country to maximize your monthly AMCO’s. Secondly, we are going to establish a democratic government, so that the decisions that the country makes and the things that it does will be governed by its elected members or members of parliament. Thirdly you can actively participate in politics within the county either as a conservative or as a liberal. Your efforts will help to determine the political party that gets into government for the Royal Democracy of El Dorado. You can be a part of those elite group that gets to make the far reaching decisions in a country. Fourthly, you will have the opportunity of obtaining a Royal Rank in the Kingdom of El Dorado, depending on whether you meet the criteria, or when you reach the criteria. Fifthly, you will receive recognition for your self-defence practice or academic or humanitarian efforts from the Knights of El Dorado. Sixthly, you will be able to participate in the Church of Saint Titus/Photini, either as a member of as a clergy member. Seventhly, You will be part of a democratic Christian country that not only has a group of ceremonial Royals, but is also completely unbiased and sees all men and woman as being equal regardless of any and all criteria. Lastly, you will have the opportunity to study with or help to establish a global university that intends offering free online education to everybody on the planet from grade one or R and up to Post-Doctoral degrees.