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Vistula Country

Vistula Country | All | Bid/Buy $.00 |
What's your country's purpose or mission?Give Citizens Citizens Safety. Sure earnings, decent living through clear and clean rules. The ability to decide on the future and expectations of all citizens by all citizens. Fair share of earned profits. Introduce the possibility of adding new innovations and ideas to ensure all-citizen-friendly lifeWhat are the shared beliefs and core values?Common values: Respect for the rights of all citizens. -Dating ability to communicate in other languages than English, German, Dutch, Russian, Polish and other languages - Good co-operation between citizens in the country and with other countries on Fair Play rules - respect for the environment Help the poorest - Providing care less resourceful -The system of economic education -Create a transparent remuneration system - Prevention of conflicts - Solve problems as soon as they appear. Respect the needs of all citizens irrespective of origin, color, social status or language - Equal use of all the benefits jointly worked out - A clear and honest legal system - Attending all citizens in the electionWhy should people join your country?Because we all look forward to one tomorrow, pure principles of dignified life. We are the first country in the world that offers its citizens real democracies, security and income security.