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HardBack Book - "Where We Go From here"
Moderator: please add the ISBN and a brief summary of the book. Hardback Book - "Where We Go From Here" Used author: Bernie Sanders tells the story of Our Revolution. the political revolution in the USA with policy statements: #Medicare For All #LivingWageForAll #WomenCanControlTheirOwnBodies #EqualPayForEqualWork #EqualityForAll. St. Martin's Press ISBN: 976-1-250-16326-4
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Taylor Team "US"
Taylor Team "US" spun the Mission Wheel and won $1.54 in empowr pre-coins!

Taylor Team "US" earned a Mission Wheel spin by helping to make a better world.

About the Mission Wheel:

  • It pops up (based on chance) when you hit your Daily Goal
  • Prize amounts are based on your 30-day mission points
  • You earn mission points by providing products, services, coaching and transports to your fellow empowr citizens. Learn more

The more you sell:

  • The more you’re helping the empowr mission succeed
  • The more mission points you earn
  • The larger the cash and prizes on the wheel

Don’t miss out!

  • Cash and prizes are automatically up to 10 times larger when you advance your mission role
  • Every day is a new chance to spin (or miss out) so try to hit your Daily Goal as often as you can
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