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Poem to order
Professional poem to order, on any topic. Fast, high quality, inexpensive. Terms of order: The price of one quatrain is $ 2.5. minimum order - 4 quatrains. verse writing - 5-7 days. for urgency (2-3 days) - 50% of the total amount. correction of the verse (if necessary) - free of charge after receiving from you a proposal for an adjustment. About me: professional poet, writer, bard, member of the Russian joint venture, member of the Noviy Sovremennik SME, laureate of the “National Literary Pr...
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Konstantin Russkikh
Konstantin Russkikh
Мудрое высказывание
Не следует никогда выказывать жалость к больному. Мне скажут: Вы жестоки! Но ведь я делаю это в ваших собственных интересах, — я причиню вам вред, если буду жалеть вас. Эмиль Куэ
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